Funktronic Envelope Filter


I just finished assembling this nifty little effect pedal. What we have here is what started a rehouse job that kind of mutated into it’s own thing. Years ago, I built a clone of an old MXR Envelope Filter from Tonepad. I’d modded it for bass by adding a “Deep” switch that added a couple of larger capacitors to lower the range of the sweep. Additionally, I’d added a couple of other mods recommended by Mark Hammer on

Of course as with all bass effects, there was a sort of loss attack and low end which made using the filter onstage in a band situation a little uninspiring. I had decided to add a blend feature which would mix a little of my dry signal with the wet signal. Initially, I’d opted for a B.Blender circuit, but there wasn’t a pre-made PCB available. Looking around at some other options out there, I discovered the Paramix on The Paramix is a really cool pedal that would allow me not only to blend my dry signal with any effect in the effect loop, but would allow me to blend two separate effects independently of one another. Realizing that the Paramix was indeed a very powerful tool by itself I decided it would be best for me to make a box that would serve both the Paramix and the EF together.

Realizing that this would be a fairly cumbersome set of circuits, I came to the conclusion that I would need a larger enclosure. I found a really nice sloped steel enclosure over at David make these custom enclosures himself and they come in standard sizes. However, he happened to have had this extra large one laying around and he sold it to me at a very reasonable price. I gave it a little design that was my attempt at paying homage to some of the really cool looking old effects pedals of yesteryear such as units produced by Maestro and Mutron.


The Paramix was a bear of build, mostly due to my ineptitude. Thanks to the guys over at I was able to troubleshoot and get it working. They were a tremendous help. After a really specific round of troubleshooting instructions, I was able to find that one of the pins on the IC socket would not make contact with the circuit board. They advised me to stick a little jumper in there to make the pins make better contact.

In the end, the pedal works and sounds great. I put the two side by side as separate effects, mainly so I could place Envelope Filter anywhere in the effects loop chain. The Paramix does a brilliant job blending the wet and dry signals together and really brings out the low end in my filter. I can pretty much dial in the Isley’s Fight the Power tone instantaneously. Even better, it also unlocks the awesomely funky potential of the otherwise useless reverse sweep mod. Yay!


Weldon Metal Works Logo

Weldon Metalworks Logo

As a general policy, we here at Dang Creative Services discourage the use if raster art in logo design. However, in this case, we’ve decided to make an exception to this rule.

In designing the Weldon Metalworks logo for this guy, our client asked for a piece that would resemble a metal badge that you would see welded to steel. Intended as a small plaque that would be applied to his original artwork, we figured it was okay to go nuts in Photoshop with the drop shadows and texture layers. We think the results were great!

Latte Art From Jesus Morales

Jesus Made by Jesus: Latte Art From Jesus Morales

Jesus Morales, a barrista at A.O.C. and Lucques in Los Angeles has been perfecting his mad painterly skills with steamed milk and espresso. Expect to see the face of Jesus in your latte or cats crawling out of your cappuccino. Morales has been experimenting with latte art for the last year and sees every cup as a blank canvas. Who knows? You may even see a miracle.

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Jesus Made by Jesus: Latte Art From Jesus Morales

Jesus Made by Jesus: Latte Art From Jesus Morales

Jesus Made by Jesus: Latte Art From Jesus Morales


A Collection of Scary Email Blasts for Not Just Printing

Attack of the Promo Codes Science-Fiction themed email blast designed by Dang! Creative Services

Attack of the Promo Codes Science-Fiction themed email blast designed by Dang! Creative Services

The email blasts in this scary collection were part of an email campaign for Ventura, California based Not Just Printing. Based on old horror and science fiction movie posters, we designed these and shot about every two weeks for several months. The response was pretty positive – their clients actually liked getting them in their inbox every other Tuesday.

Here we have a few completed email blasts and a couple of headers that we liked but didn’t make it out for some reason.


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1,000 Lulu Popp Business Cards + One Satisfied Customer!

Cards for Lulu Popp. Another satisfied customer

The Lulu Popp business cards came in from the printer today, and boy, do they look great!

The cards were designed by Steven Magaña, and we set up the print job. Here at Dang! Creative, we have ton of experience taking your unfinished artwork and turning it into a print-read file. We can also provide you with some advice on how to give us work that is ready to go.

Lulu Popp is a Piru, California based photo and video production company. Lulu Bopp is available for all types of events and parties.

Perez Tile and Stone Logo

Perez Tile and Stone Logo. By Dang! Creative Services, in Ventura County, California


Perez Tile and Stone is an Ojai, California based tile installation contractor. Perez Tile contacted us about designing a logo for the company. Upon seeing the exquisite tile work in their portfolio, we knew here at Dang! Creative that their company deserved an elegant, yet bold logo. We chose a very masculine and readable san-serif font offset from the background by a series of square tiles to represent the nature of their work. Dark green seemed an appropriate color to bring a sense of class as well as a peaceful and soothing quality to the logo.