Weldon Metal Works Logo

Weldon Metalworks Logo

As a general policy, we here at Dang Creative Services discourage the use if raster art in logo design. However, in this case, we’ve decided to make an exception to this rule.

In designing the Weldon Metalworks logo for this guy, our client asked for a piece that would resemble a metal badge that you would see welded to steel. Intended as a small plaque that would be applied to his original artwork, we figured it was okay to go nuts in Photoshop with the drop shadows and texture layers. We think the results were great!

Photo Film Screenprint Series by Jerome Daksiewicz

Photo Film Screenprint Series

WOW! Here’s a beautiful series of screen prints on Kickstarter almost taylor-made for photo and design geeks alike! Jerome Daksiewicz set out to pay homage to the glory days of film’s yesteryear by working to create this series of prints based on old film boxes. There are still some spaces for $30 backers left.

The Photo Film prints are 11″x14″ serigraphs on 100# paper from the French Paper Co. in Niles, Michigan. Screen printing will be handled by VGKids in Ypsillanti, Michigan. Prints will be stamped and signed on the back, rolled and shipped in a heavy-duty kraft tube. Final print colors will slightly vary from what’s shown on screen.

Click here to view original web page at www.kickstarter.com

The Influence of Colour in Brand Identity

The Influence of Colour in Brand Identity Union Jewlery packaging by Red Design

Laura Hussey, partner and creative director at London-based SomeOne writes about the influence of color in brand identity. Color is one of the most overlooked and underutilized piece of the brand puzzle, and for some reason, the power of color to convey mood and define a brand is often completely forgotten.

Hussey writes:

A study of the world’s top 100 brands (defined by brand value) saw 95% use only one or two colours. 33% of those top brands would like to think they own the colour blue, and 29% think red is their colour. It suddenly becomes irrelevant, it’s what you do with it that counts. Why be limited?


It’s a quick read and a good primer about color and how color relates to building a recognizable and memorable brand. I recommend it for those of you who are considering designing a logo for your business.

Perez Tile and Stone Logo

Perez Tile and Stone Logo. By Dang! Creative Services, in Ventura County, California


Perez Tile and Stone is an Ojai, California based tile installation contractor. Perez Tile contacted us about designing a logo for the company. Upon seeing the exquisite tile work in their portfolio, we knew here at Dang! Creative that their company deserved an elegant, yet bold logo. We chose a very masculine and readable san-serif font offset from the background by a series of square tiles to represent the nature of their work. Dark green seemed an appropriate color to bring a sense of class as well as a peaceful and soothing quality to the logo.