CD Cover


Last year we made a CD cover for our client, Dawn Drake and Zapote. The image on the cover was illustrated by Dawn, and we took the image and altered the colors to fit the look of the new CD cover. The results were great and the cover looks fantastic.

We set the type in Nexa, a nice, readable font that is easy to read at small point sizes and had many typefaces to choose from.

Cycling Jerseys


Here’s a pair of cycling jerseys I did for a local bike shop here in Ventura, CA. The idea was to do one retro jersey and one that had more of an event vibe going on. The Great Wave jersey was also intended it be kind of “ladies” version, but a lot of the guys liked that one as we. I picked the Hokusai image to sort of represent the seaside feel of Ventura as well as pay homage to one of my artists in the process. A colleague of mine pointed out the the retro jersey had the same colors as the ’55 Bel Air.

Cycling jerseys designed by Dang! Creative Services in Ventura County

This was a project of which I was really excited to be a part. Being an avid cyclist for pretty much my whole life, it was really great to do a job that was rooted in something that I really love. The best part is that the jerseys were a success! The client sold out of them and ended up buying another design which he has yet to have printed. I’ll update as soon as I get one.


Evel Knievel Comes to Cooperville: Recently Discovered Photographs Collected in New Book

Evel Knievel Comes to Cooperville: Recently Discovered Photographs Collected in New Book

Done to Death has just published a recently discovered collection of photographs of 70s daredevil, Evel Knievel. For any boy who grew up in the 1970’s, there are few cultural icons who could inspire as much awe as this red, white and blue clad madman. He would jump over rows of flaming cars on his Harley, strap himself to a rocket and shoot himself over the Snake River Canyon, survive horrible crashes, break bones and endure third degree burns only to get up and do it again. What mind of a 10 year old boy wouldn’t be blown out of the stratosphere?

In his review of Evel Knievel Comes to Cooperville, Rob Alderson at

At the height of his fame in 1972, Evel (real name Robert) was invited down to the Oklahoma State Fairground to wow the crowds by local businessman Jack Cooper, the owner of Cooperville Car Dealership. Four decades later Jack’s grandson Garrett Colton found a box of slides in his grandfather’s attic which captured that very special visit with vivid old school charm.

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Weldon Metal Works Logo

Weldon Metalworks Logo

As a general policy, we here at Dang Creative Services discourage the use if raster art in logo design. However, in this case, we’ve decided to make an exception to this rule.

In designing the Weldon Metalworks logo for this guy, our client asked for a piece that would resemble a metal badge that you would see welded to steel. Intended as a small plaque that would be applied to his original artwork, we figured it was okay to go nuts in Photoshop with the drop shadows and texture layers. We think the results were great!

4 Common Misconceptions About Graphic Design

4 Common Misconceptions About Graphic Design

1. The Internet can Make Anyone a Good Graphic Designer

While it is true that you can find graphic design tips and endless tutorials and tricks online (for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), simply knowing your way around some design software does not make you a good designer. Gaining lots of experience, using some good old creativity, and even getting a degree are important for any designer hoping to create a professional website and/or brand.

2. There is no Difference between a Logo and a Brand

If you want to start visual marketing for your business, it is important to know the difference between a logo and a brand—not just for your sake but also for the designer’s. A logo is just the icon by which people recognize your business. But a brand includes a logo and so much more, such as color schemes, fonts, the appearance of your business card, letterhead, and website, etc. It’s the overall representation of your company—but it can also be as detailed as requiring specific sizes, measurements, and locations of all branding materials. Try Googling brand standards for a big company, and you’ll find some incredibly thorough brand standards. Then consider your business’ marketing strategy. Do you have good brand standards?

3. Graphic Design is Only Done on a Computer

This is absolutely not true. I took several graphic design classes while in college, and every project started with a sketchpad and pencil. The brainstorming stage should typically be done on paper and include dozens of formative ideas. Then, a few of these sketches should be fleshed out on quality paper for the client. After one or two ideas are agreed upon, the designer can move to a computer to start creating the design. Paper and pencil allow several possibilities to be explored quickly. The computer is for building designs of the best ideas.

4. Simple Designs Cost Less Time and Money

Just because a design appears simple doesn’t mean minimal thought or creativity went into it. When it comes to designing websites, it’s up to the designer to figure out how a website will flow—how one page leads to another and how menus are organized and displayed. If the designer can make a content-heavy website easy to view and navigate, then he has successfully done his job. But a lot of time and effort go into determining how things look and feel, even in clean and simple designs.

Don’t find yourself falling into these misconceptions. Graphic design is an art and excellence comes with a lot of practice. What misconceptions have you encountered about graphic design? Share with us in the comments section.

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A Collection of Scary Email Blasts for Not Just Printing

Attack of the Promo Codes Science-Fiction themed email blast designed by Dang! Creative Services

Attack of the Promo Codes Science-Fiction themed email blast designed by Dang! Creative Services

The email blasts in this scary collection were part of an email campaign for Ventura, California based Not Just Printing. Based on old horror and science fiction movie posters, we designed these and shot about every two weeks for several months. The response was pretty positive – their clients actually liked getting them in their inbox every other Tuesday.

Here we have a few completed email blasts and a couple of headers that we liked but didn’t make it out for some reason.


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