El Cometa: The First Ever Bass Guitar by Dang! Creative


El Cometa has landed!

El Cometa is our first attempt a designing a complete bass guitar. Inspired by the designs of DanElectro Guitars, Rickenbacker and Gibson basses, this bass combines design elements from may different styles of guitar. The result is an instrument with a look and feel all its own.

Borrowing construction methods from classic DanElectro guitars, El Cometa’s semi-hollow body is built from masonite and plywood. Loaded with lipstick pickups paired as humbuckers, this bass go from a punchy and clear midrange to a thunderous low with just a turn of it’s 6 position rotary switch.

Finished in an outlandish orange, El Cometa is a bass designed to look fabulous on stage and in the studio.

JEK_20150705_basses_1110632 JEK_20150705_basses_1110623



  • BIOT

    cool Bass where could i find one?????
    im in france but please answer me

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